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Jenna and Cameron 
met on bumble in 2018. 

We bonded over our love for snacks in bed. After many thrift shop & vintage store dates we grew tired of not finding vintage in our size. That's how Shop Jennron was born in 2019, to make vintage for ALL bodies. 
Right now,  production happens in our South Philly row home, but we have big dreams of expanding to a Brick + Mortar in the future. 

Meet Jenna: 

Jenna is an avid vintage collector. She is the girl behind the gram, and our operations & sourcing expert. Hunting down vintage prints brings her the most joy.
Jenna enjoys painting, watching the office, or a good ebay war in her spare time. Pizza by candlelight is what she considers the perfect evening. Jenna has 4 years of vintage sourcing experience and studied Painting at the University of the Arts.

Meet Cam: 

Cameron is our seamstress extraordinaire. He loves watching anime or listening to sci-fi podcasts while he carefully crafts each custom garment.
When he’s not at the sewing machine he is tending to his tomato garden, playing D&D, or collecting old books. His background in sewing came from his many elective classes at Rowan University, where he studied Acting & Directing.

Meet our Shop Dog, Gus: 

Gus or “Gus Gus the Party Bus” is our HR Department. He loves to take naps in Dad’s arms while he's trying to sew, or play keep away with the bobbins to keep Jenna & Cam on their toes. When he’s not keeping morale up in the living room / studio, he is chewing on his favorite bone or taking a stroll stopping to smell all the weeds. 
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